[Six Panels, 66" x 99"]

acrylic, shoe polish, ink, graphite and
stain on canvas

Creating 'Abolitionistory' for a client who collects African artifacts, musical instruments and deities was a labor of love for Bret Rowe. Rowe first proposed the piece as a way of starting at the root of the historical merger of the two continents -- the slave trade.

Each panel of 'Abolitionistory' encompasses twenty years of history in the abolitionist movement and eventual fights for equality & civil rights. "I'm not sure we can comprehend the tenacity, dedication, discipline and conviction it took to endure, fight and eventually abolish slavery", says Rowe. "It was an courageous fight by all involved that renews your faith in the human spirit. I will take many lessons learned from 'Abolitionistory' with me as I move forward in life", finishes Rowe.

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